Issues in Survivorship

In her new column Janine Giese-Davis introduces readers to the issues people face after a cancer diagnosis, especially after active treatment is over. “Although there are many resources and programs for people just diagnosed with cancer,” she says, “there are few for people transitioning to survivorship.” She heads a multi-disciplinary group called CancerBRIDGES that aims

Top 5 Myths of Survivorship

It’s a great thing to live through cancer and be able to tell about it. But survivorship comes with its own set of issues – financial, physical and emotional. Calgary’s psychosocial cancer researcher Janine Giese-Davis, PhD identifies some of the myths of survivorship. Think positive! Sure, positive thought may help health, but its healing power

Getting In The Mood

Cancer treatment can cause physical and emotional changes that affect how you feel about and approach intimacy in a relationship. Mandie Dening, a sexual health consultant in oncology, and Julie Munch, an occupational therapist and sexual health consultant, both for Alberta Health Services’ Oncology and Sexual, Intimacy and Survivorship (OASIS) program, share positive ways you can navigate intimacy with your partner.