How Monthly Donations Make a Big Difference

Monthly donations add up to having a significant impact on cancer care and research. The predictable cash flow that monthly donors contribute helps make effective and strategic planning possible. Here are four ways monthly donors help cancer care, research and patients across Alberta:

By: Alberta Cancer Foundation

Boost Cancer Care

Our community of more than 7,000 generous monthly donors collectively contribute more than $1.9 million per year to support research and enhanced care at Alberta’s 17 cancer centres.

Provide Ongoing Support

Monthly donations provide a steady and reliable source of income to help fund the highest priority needs and programs, like the Patient Financial Assistance Program. This program provides financial support for patients so they can focus on what matters most — healing.

Toondelamour, Courtesy iStock.

Fund Groundbreaking Clinical Trials

Monthly donors support every single cancer-focused clinical trial in Alberta. In the last year, 87 new trials were approved. Each clinical trial can help hundreds of thousands of patients by providing them with access to leading-edge treatment options.

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Make A Real Difference In Cancer Patients’ Lives

Monthly donors are saving and extending lives. They are giving Albertans facing cancer the time to create more moments and memories with their loved ones.

Monthly donations help Albertans like Donato Bernardo, who was out of treatment options. But, thanks to donor support of clinical trials, Bernardo is now in remission and enjoying life with his loved ones. Learn more about Donato’s story and how you can support the Alberta Cancer Foundation at

Photograph of Donato Bernardo by John Ulan.

“I have a lot to catch up on in my life. I have a lot of hope.”

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