Five Ways Your Donation to the Calgary Cancer Centre is Helping us OWN.CANCER

The more we OWN.CANCER, the less it owns us

The Alberta Cancer Foundation has partnered with the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services to launch the OWN.CANCER campaign with one mission in mind — to raise $250 million in support of improved cancer research, treatment and care at the new Calgary Cancer Centre (set to open in 2023). Here are five ways your donation to the Calgary Cancer Centre is helping Albertans OWN.CANCER:

Decreasing cancer in the population

We can OWN.CANCER by investigating why cancer forms and halting it in its infancy.

Improving cancer treatment

It’s time to OWN.CANCER by revolutionizing cancer screening and treatment with custom approaches designed specifically for each patient.

Improving the patient experience

By creating a safe and supportive environment, helping patients and their families with supports tailored to their needs, we’re going to OWN.CANCER together.

Improving cancer outcomes

By looking for patterns where cancer returns, searching for gaps in screening, treatment and recovery and finding factors that give cancer a better foothold, we will OWN.CANCER.

Empowering the best and brightest

By investing in our medical teams to be their best, we can OWN.CANCER for our patients.

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