Spring 2022: Albertans Helping Albertans

From large centres to small, discover the people who are helping to improve access to research, treatment and care for cancer patients across Alberta

In This Issue

Team Mentality

The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network unites the brightest minds for precision medicine

Precision Oncology

Care for patients in rural communities continues to improve

Good To Be BAD: Stopping The Spread

Dr. Ing Swie Goping explores how manipulating the protein BAD could help stop the spread of breast cancer

Five Ways Your Donation To The Calgary Cancer Centre Is Helping Us OWN.CANCER

The more we OWN.CANCER, the less it owns us

Carbs Aren’t The Enemy

Despite diet trends saying to stay clear of wheat (gluten) products, getting a healthy dose of fibre is important for most

Everything You Need To Know About The Enbridge Tour Alberta For Cancer

Tour rebrands, but continues to have a major impact

Reducing Taxes To Prepare For End of Life

We talk to Randy Liedtke, financial planner and tax expert, about planning to minimize the amount of taxes you pay on your estate so you can maximize giving back

Getting In The Mood

Mandie Dening and Julie Munch share positive ways you can navigate intimacy with your partner

Deciphering Data

How the collection of data helps improve and individualize cancer treatment

Looking To Tomorrow

Data offers rich insight into how and why people develop disease

Rebuilding Trust Through The Circle

Wellspring Calgary takes meaningful steps toward reconciling the relationship between Indigenous people living with cancer and the health-care system

Maximum Effort

Max Chan’s story inspires others to take their health more seriously

Meet Candace Cook

In our ongoing photo series, we capture the bravery, strength, honesty, hope and resilience of Albertans living with cancer

Research Rockstars: Dr. Jennifer Chan and Dr. Hanne Ostergaard

Two new leaders at Alberta’s university cancer research institutes excited about more collaboration

Taking Steps Toward a Cure

Participants of the Legacy Walk for Cancer raise funds for patients facing cancer

Navigating Cancer

Improving health and equity through Cancer Patient Navigators

Donato Bernardo

In January of 2017, Donato Bernardo thought he was coming down with the flu; he was diagnosed with leukemia within the month, and he spent the next four years in and out of the Cross Cancer Institute

Remembering Joyce

Dennis Gaulin gives back in honour of his late wife

Valuing Community

Cask Global Canning Solutions passes on the philanthropic torch to the next generation

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