3 Ways Your Donations are Driving Life-Saving Melanoma Research

Donor generosity is funding promising research, clinical trials and community initiatives

May is melanoma awareness month, and your donation to the Alberta Cancer Foundation is funding promising melanoma-based research, clinical trials and community initiatives. Alberta’s rapid yet thoughtful translation of scientific insight to patient care supports patients throughout their melanoma diagnosis.

Here are some examples of melanoma projects taking place throughout the province, thanks to the generosity of our donors:

The Mary Johnston Chair in Melanoma Research

Mary Johnston.

Based out of the Cross Cancer Institute, this research chair, named in honour of the late Mary Johnston, supports direct and continued research into the prevention, detection and treatment of malignant melanoma by helping to match researchers and clinicians with the resources they need.

Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

 Since 2014, survival rates for late-stage melanoma patients have tripled from 20 per cent to 60 per cent thanks to groundbreaking immunotherapy-based clinical trials at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. More work is currently being done to make even further strides in this area.

Alberta-wide Melanoma Database

A provincial melanoma database and registry will help to guide future research in advanced-stage melanoma. The database aims to be a valuable tool by analyzing the role of genetic and environmental influences on treatment outcomes.

According to AHS, 82 out of 100 melanoma cases are preventable through sun-safe practices such as wearing a hat, using sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, and avoiding tanning beds.


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