4 High-Tech Products To Elevate Your Workout

Use wearable technology to keep up with your exercise regimen, track your progress and chase those fitness goals

Illustration by Andrew Benson.

Wearable technology can help you track your progress and improve your fitness goals.

Garmin Vívosport

Great for: Those wanting an efficient tracking device without the bulk of a GPS watch.

Why We Love It: This GPS device packs a lot of punch for its size. It has all the essential features you need to track your workout — the GPS band tracks your heart rate and your activity — and the stress testing feature brings awareness to a user’s emotional and physical well-being and gives wearers the option to do stress-reducing breathing exercises.

Moov Now

Great for: Runners interested in improving their technique.

Why We Love It: This device needs to be used with a smartphone because it doesn’t have a display. But, what it lacks in a screen it more than makes up for in highly-specific running technique analysis — it comes with an ankle strap to monitor your stride — and it’s affordable.

Motiv Ring

Great for: Anyone wanting a subtle, stylish fitness device.

Why We Love It: This ring tracks your activity, sleep and heart rate, and thanks to the discrete design, you can easily wear it 24/7. It also has a three-day battery life and charges in 90 minutes.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Great for: When you want to track your pool workouts.

Why We Love It: This wearable fitness gadget is water-resistant up to about 50 metres. It integrates with the swim app Speedo On to measure your time per lap, how many strokes you take per lap and your efficiency in the water.

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