5 Ways Your Donation Helps Rural Albertans Facing Cancer

One third of Alberta’s cancer patients receive care in centres outside of Calgary and Edmonton

No matter where a patient faces a cancer diagnosis, the Alberta Cancer Foundation is committed to helping ensure that all Albertans receive access to the best treatment and care available. Here are a few examples of how your donation can make life better for rural Albertans facing cancer.

Community Oncology Clinical Trials

One third of Alberta’s cancer patients receive care 
in centres outside of Calgary and Edmonton.

Clinical trials are the engines that drive life-saving treatment. This community based program allows rural patients to participate in groundbreaking research closer to home.


For most head and neck cancer patients, treatment can diminish the ability to swallow and rehabilitation therapy is only available at specialized clinics. The Mobili-T is a portable device that will be able to provide therapy at home, so patients don’t have to travel. Developers are currently conducting feasibility studies.

Patient Financial Assistance Program (PFAP)

No patient should have to choose between groceries or treatment options during their cancer journey. PFAP provides rural patients with access to financial support when they need it most.

Putting Patients First Program

Rural patients are provided with a screening questionnaire that addresses the stress that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. Once responses are gathered, front-line staff members will work with patients to mitigate the causes of distress.

Patient Navigator Program

Alberta Cancer Foundation patient navigators are located at 14 cancer centres throughout the province, and help to ease the complexities of a cancer diagnosis by providing person-centred care to rural patients.

Learn more about how you can support the Alberta Cancer Foundation at albertacancer.ca

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