6 Adventurous Workouts to Try This Year

Include jumping into foam pits, climbing boulders and circus-inspired moves in your 150 minutes of physical activity each week


Aerial Arts

Where to try it: CircoFit, Edmonton

This circus-inspired workout gets you off the ground and in the air. It incorporates elements of dance and gymnastics, and will help improve your strength and flexibility as you learn to work with straps, ropes and aerial silks. circofit.ca


Where to try it: Bolder Climbing Community, Calgary

Bouldering is similar to rock climbing, except there are no harnesses, no ropes and the walls aren’t as high. The goal is to complete a set route, not just get to the top of the wall. Bolder is Calgary’s only bouldering-specific gym. bolderclimbing.com

Bungee Workout

Where to try it: Bungee Workout Canada, Calgary

This full-body resistance-training workout first came to Calgary last fall. It’s similar to a dance class, except attendees are in a harness attached to a bungee cord, allowing for some gravity-defying moves. 403-399-8236

Obstacle Course Racing

Where to try it: InjaNation, Calgary

Start training for a Reebok Spartan Race at this OCR-inspired facility. In addition to six training areas that have obstacles commonly found in OCR races (like monkey bars and balance beams) there is a trampoline park and multiple climbing walls. injanation.com

Rock Climbing

Where to try it: Vertically Inclined Rock Gym, Edmonton

While wearing a harness and remaining safely connected to a qualified belayer on the ground, climbers can test (and build) their strength and endurance by trying to get to the top of a 25-foot-tall wall. verticallyinclined.com


Where to try it: LaunchPad Trampoline Park, Edmonton

Work every muscle group while jumping on a network of trampolines — and into the largest foam pit in Alberta. For something more formal, attend one of the 60-minute workout classes hosted in collaboration with 504 Fitness. launchpadtrampoline.com

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