5 Ways Your Donations Make a Difference

Blanket warmers, comfortable chemo chairs and better wayfinding are all enhancements to existing infrastructure made possible with the help of donors.

Enhancing the lives of patients and their families is at the core of everything the Alberta Cancer Foundation does. With the help of donors, the Foundation has been able to build the following enhancements into existing Alberta Health Services infrastructure to ease the cancer journey for patients across the province.

Enhanced waiting room spaces

Enhanced waiting room spaces provide patients and their family members with comfortable seating and a calming atmosphere.

Blanket warmers

Blanket warmers offer comfort and warmth during treatment.

Comfortable chemo chairs

Reclining chairs provide comfort to patients while they receive chemotherapy treatment.

Refreshment stations

Cancer centres are equipped with stocked refreshment stations or refreshment carts for patients’ convenience.

Clear and concise wayfinding

Wayfinding initiatives play an important role in improving the overall patient experience as they allow patients to navigate a cancer centre with ease.

Learn more about how you can support the Alberta Cancer Foundation at albertacancer.ca

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