Top 10: Family friendly activities

Getting kids active may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Try these 10 simple, family-focused activities that don’t even feel like exercise

1. Walk the dog

Don’t have a dog? Not a problem. Ask to borrow your neighbour’s pet. You’ll be doing your neighbour a favour and you’ll get some fresh air

2. Go to the park

This may seem obvious, but is there anything better than dangling off of the monkey bars?

3. Play hide-and-seek

indoors or outdoors, hide-and-seek involves plenty of running and climbing. Plus, the suspense is sure to engage kids of all ages (and adults too.)

4. Plant a garden

Let the kids pick out the seeds and help plant them. Watering, weeding and harvesting duties will keep the family busy all summer.

5. Jump in the pool

Visit your local recreation centre and go for a swim.

6. Go to your local museum

Art galleries and -museums are often free for children and they allow for an educational walk.

7. Cook together

Go to the market and walk up and down the aisles for inspiration. Then, prepare a meal together with everyone completing a -different task.

8. Visit a provincial park

In Alberta, you’re always less than one hour away from a provincial park or protected recreational area.

9. Play with sidewalk chalk

Whether you’re playing hopscotch, drawing a picture or writing a story, sidewalk chalk provides endless play possibilities.

10. Use the jump rope

Try a round of double Dutch.

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