Colourful Tribute from WestJet

WestJet flight attendant honoured with change in dress code


WestJet has decided to honour one of its much-loved flight attendants with a slight change in its dress code.

Michelle “Red Lips” Malone, who died in August from cancer, was known in her off-time for her colourful style, including her bright lipstick – which went against the dress code or “grooming standards” of the airline.

Those who knew her said the 38-year-old’s exuberance would brighten the spirits of others and keep her going during tough cancer treatments. Malone underwent 25 rounds of radiation and six rounds of chemotherapy, all the while sporting her trademark crimson lipstick.

WestJet’s manager of public relations, Robert Palmer, says the grooming standards, which had banned red lipstick and nail polish because it could look stark against some skin tones, was in need of an update, and the timing just coincided with the loss of Malone.

“What they decided to do was put out a note in Michelle’s honour, a company memo to cabin crews and airport staff, and the memo essentially says that we are allowing the wearing of red with respect to red lipstick and red nail polish – and to help people we hired a makeup consultant to help us create a new makeup palette. It was prompted by Michelle’s passing and it was deemed to be a fitting tribute to a beloved member of the WestJet family.”

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