Take a Chair

A relative newcomer to the field of cancer research, molecular epidemiology promises to increase our understanding of how environmental and genetic risk factors impact the development of cancer at the molecular level and contribute to the growth or, as the case may be, the prevention of the disease. At the cutting edge of this field is Dr. Hans Vogel, pictured left,who was recently named the Lance Armstrong Chair in Molecular Cancer Epidemiology funded by the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the University of Calgary.

By integrating molecular ways of studying cancer with epidemiological methods, scientists like Vogel hope to increase their understanding of how lifestyle and cancer risk are related, and lead them to earlier detection, improved treatment and improved outcomes.

Dr. Vogel joined the faculty at the University of Calgary in 1985 and he’s been a full professor since 1991. The advent of the new research chair promises to advance Dr. Vogel’s extensive work in molecular cancer epidemiology and to solidify the University of Calgary’s ability to attract and retain the best new researchers and students in the field.

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